Keep calm and carry on Guiding: Idea #1

Set up a Closed Facebook Group   

If you haven’t already done so, now is a good time to set up a closed Facebook group for your unit.  This is a great way to stay in touch with parents (and through them your girls).

1. Go to – if you have an account, log in – if you don’t, sign up (it’s quick, easy and free).

2. Click/tap on Groups – this will look slightly different depending on whether you’re on a computer or other device.  On a computer screen you will find it in the list on the left-hand side. On a smart phone it is a little icon along the bottom.  Either way the icon is blue with little people.

3. Click/tap on Create New Group – on a computer this is a blue button ‘+ Create Group’, on a phone you need to scroll across the top to find ‘+ Create’.

4. Name your Group – keep it simple and obvious, so parents can find you.

5. Privacy – ensure your group is ‘Private’, this means only members will be able to see content and who the other members are.

6. Visibility – under ‘Hide group’ you do need the group to be ‘visible’ otherwise new parents won’t be able to find you.

7. Invite members – you will only be able to do this if any of your group members are already Facebook friends with you.  It doesn’t matter if not, you can invite people later.

8. Create your Group – click/tap on ‘Create’ or ‘Create Group’.  You now have a private Facebook group for your unit!

9. Add a picture to your Group page – click/tap on the little camera icon which gives you the option to ‘change group cover’, this will allow you to upload a picture from your phone or computer (try using the images available to download from the Girlguiding website).

10. Invite members to join – let your parents know you’ve set up a group and what it’s called.  They can then find you and ask to join.  As you’ve set up the group you will have admin rights, so you will get a notification when someone asks to join.

11. Write a post – get going and post a message by clicking/tapping in the white box where it says ‘write something’ and off you go… Once you’ve written what you want to say, click/tap on ‘post’.

12. Announcements – you can ‘pin’ an announcement to the top of the ‘news feed’ (that’s the list of posts you can see on your home page).  You may like to do this to explain the purpose of the group and/or group rules.  Write a post, as above, then click/tap on the three dots in the top right-hand corner of your post.  Click/tap on ‘Mark as announcement’.  To ensure it always shows at the top of the news feed, click/tap on those three dots again and click/tap ‘pin to top’.

If you’re not confident with Facebook – don’t worry – it’s mostly self-explanatory.  Have a play around and try things.  Ask others for help if necessary, there are plenty of other leaders out there who can help.  The more you use it, the more you’ll get used to it.  Enjoy!