Girlguiding has issued the instruction that all unit meetings are suspended as at 17 March until further notice.  Trips/outings/residentials are to be cancelled up to and including 31 July – to be reviewed on a monthly basis.  Please ensure you adhere to this instruction, we need to do our best to keep all our members safe and well.

Please keep in contact with each other as we do not want anyone to feel isolated and alone at this time.  Never have the words “think of others before myself and do a good turn every day” meant quite as much.

What is happening in Girlguiding Leeds:

– Training – all courses have been cancelled up to and including 31 July.  We are currently looking to re-schedule any that are cancelled as soon as possible.  We will continue to review and cancel further sessions as is necessary.

– Meetings – these will continue wherever possible, but will be via Zoom/Skype, etc and details will be emailed to those invited to attend.

– Depots – these are now closed until at least 31 July, and again this will be reviewed on a monthly basis.  You can still email your orders through to the Depots, however they will not be fulfilled until we are able to open them again.

– Robin Hole – all bookings up to the end of July have been cancelled. Those who had bookings have been contacted and will be allowed to transfer those bookings or have their booking fee refunded.

– Leeds@Lotherton – the county-wide event to celebrate 110 years of Girlguiding planned for 4 July 2020 has been cancelled.

– Trefoil Centre – closed to all visitors until further notice; however the County Administrator and the County Team are still available to contact via emails, phone, etc.