Commissioner’s Summer Challenge 2020

The County Commissioner’s Team are delighted to announce the launch of the Summer Commissioner’s Challenge.

The Challenge has been designed to be easy to follow and a bit of fun.

A series of challenges will be published here and on our social media channels once a fortnight throughout the summer.  We hope that you will send this out to the girls in your units and encourage them to take part.

Badges will be available in September.  These are free, but we are asking that you pay for postage.

To register your interest, please email with your unit details and approximate numbers of girls taking part (we will also accept applications from individual parents).

To take part, download the challenge booklet (below) and send this to your girls to complete throughout the summer.  The girls should mark off in their booklet when they have completed each challenge and, once complete, share this with their leader.

To receive your badges at the end of the summer, please send a stamped addressed envelope (ensuring the postage is sufficient to cover the cost – for multiple badges, please send an A5 envelope with a large letter stamp) to:

Girlguiding Leeds – Commissioners Summer Challenge, The Trefoil Centre, 16a Morris Lane, Kirkstall, Leeds LS5 3JD

Deadline for applications – Sunday 13 September


GGLeeds – CC Challenge Booklet Summer 2020

Complete 2 activities from each of the following challenges and mark them off in your booklet.

Thursday 2 July – Hop, Skip and a Jump:

  1. Try different types of skipping games, e.g. bumps, cross arms, or French skipping.
  2. Play hopscotch and leapfrog.
  3. Plan an outdoor adventure day.
  4. Learn 7 skipping games.
  5. Go for a walk, take photos of things that made you want to jump for joy, e.g. flowers, lambs, snails.
  6. Sing and take part in an Action song, e.g. Alice the Camel, Pizza Hut, Baby Bumble Bee, Forty Years on an Iceberg, Singing in the Rain, Crazy Moose.

Thursday 16 July – Shapes and Texture:

  1. Make rubbings of different shapes and textures from both natural and man-made surfaces, e.g. bark, leaves, stones. Be creative and try making wrapping paper, cards, or decorations.
  2. Collect and decorate stones
  3. Make wire frames and blow bubbles outside
  4. Weave a basket
  5. Make a mosaic picture from different shaped and coloured stones.
  6. Ask another person to put 15 items in a bag and blindfold you, can you work out what the items are?

Thursday 30 July – Yorkshire Day Celebration: 

  1. Get out on your bike or learn to ride a bike. 
  2. Visit a different location by bike, how many miles can you cycle in a week? 
  3. Make or decorate buns, you could try Ginger Parkin, Yorkshire Rascals 
  4. Make a Yorkshire Rose by origami, knitting, crochet, felting or salt dough. 
  5. Visit a place in Yorkshire you have not visited before and renew your Promise. 
  6. Learn and sing the first verse of On Ilkla Moor Baht’at

Thursday 13 August – Outdoor Homes:

  1. Make a shelter, using natural products, to be large enough for a Lego person 
  2. Make a ladybird lodge from a plastic bottle, place in a suitable outdoor location and observe what moves in 
  3. Build yourself a shipwreck shelter and sleep in it 
  4. Have a walk in the woods looking for animal homes 
  5. Make a Campsite 
  6. Sleep in the garden and have a campfire. 

Thursday 27 August – Carnival: